The Team

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    Alaa Abd El Fattah - علاء عبد الفتاح

    Alaa Abd El Fattah is a pioneer of digital activism in the region. Through his ten years of work as both software developer and organizer he helped countless communities exploit the opportunities that ICTs and social media afford them in their quest for progressive change.

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    Manal Hassan - منال حسن

    Manal Hassan is a FOSS enthusiast; her main interest is adapting and delivering technology to non-techies, and training them to use it on their own. She co-founded the Egyptian GNU/Linux Users Group (EGLUG) in 2004, the Arab Techies Collective in 2008 and Open Egypt in 2013...

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    Co Founder

    Lina Attalah is the co-founder and chief editor of Mada Masr, a progressive and independent news website based in Cairo. She has a decade of reporting experience for such news outlets as Reuters, the Christian Science Monitor, the BBC and the Guardian...

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    Web Technologies Expert

    Shady has been building websites since 1995. He's a FOSS enthusiast and a Drupal expert.

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    BA Holder, Business Administration With a successful career in the corporate sector and non-profit organizations in different functions.
    Operations Manager

    BA Holder, Business Administration with a successful career in the corporate sector and non-profit organizations in different functions.

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    Senior Web Developer

    A software architect with an extensive background in web applications development.

  • System Adminstrator

    Mohamed Ashraf is a Linux system administrator, he is a Gnu/Linux operating systems geek.

  • Junior Web Developer

    Ahmed is currently a Junior Web Developer at Motoon, he is a Computer Engineering enthusiast with a good background in the software development and the Data science. he is also has many other interests like the entrepreneurship, learning and teaching languages, exploring the fascinating diversity of the world, reading about economics, philosophy, and nature

  • Localization Officer

    Khaled is a type designer, software developer, localizer, and an amateur artist. Khaled has been involved with the free software and open source communities for over a decade, localizing free software for Arabic, designing and producing libre type, and developing free software.