Tech Stack Curriculum

Linux System Admin Track

- Beginner track

   Course outline:

  1. What is OS?

  2. Intro to FOSS

  3. Command line

  4. Wild cards

  5. Linux plumbing

  6. Directories and their functions

  7. Text files


  1. Basic Linux user

  2. Applicants should be able to install Linux on their machines.


- Intermediate track

  Course outline:

  1. User management

  2. Group management

  3. Files, file systems and permissions

  4. Jobs and Processes

  5. Authentication

  6. Package management


  1. Applicants should be qualified in the System Admin Beginner course topics, If this not applied to you, attending System Admin Beginner track is mandatory and passing the final assessment exam/project


Web development

- Basic HTML/CSS Track




  1. Basic computer knowledge

  2. Ability for self-learning

  3. No specific technical requirements needed


- Beginner Track:

   Course outline:

  1. Programming (Python)

  2. Source Control

  3. Databases

  4. Web frameworks (Django, JNodes)


  1. Advanced OS user, solid knowledge in this topic is mandatory (Command Line, file permissions, file management,, authentication mechanisms, user and package management)

  2. If you don’t have a solid knowledge in the mentioned above topics, then attending SA-beginner and intermediate tracks is mandatory and passing their final assessment exam/project.

  3. Pre-assessment may be applied prior track.

  4. Basic HTML/CSS knowledge is essential, if this not applied to you then attending HTML/CSS basic track is mandatory and passing their final assessment exam/project.