Tech Specialist


Motoon is an Equal Opportunity Employer, we celebrate diversity and are committed to create an inclusive environment for all employees;

we are also keen on having a gender-balanced work environment.

Motoon is seeking qualified and passionate applicants for the position of Tech Specialist.

As a Tech Specialist, your role will be to ensure proper computer and system operations and to provide technical advice and support for Motoon employees, clients, and community. This includes receiving, prioritizing, documenting and actively resolving end user help requests, including the implementations of some solutions through training and consultancy.
The tech specialist will be working closely with Motoon programs manager and will directly report to him/her.

Start Date
Full Time

- Ensure Mushtarak space’s tech readiness for different activities and interventions:
* Assist in research and procurement of computer accessories and supplies.
* Set up networks and servers.
* Supervise maintenance with network services and hardware providers.
- Assess Motoon clients’ and beneficiaries’ tech needs, on Motoon’s premises or at their own offices:
* Elicit the user’s tech requirements.
* Identify and evaluate options for the required tech solutions and recommend a course of action.
- Implement tech solutions for Motoon team, clients and Mushtarak beneficiaries as needed:
* Install hardware and peripheral components such as monitors, keyboards, printers and disk drives on users’ devices.
* Load appropriate software packages such as operating systems, networking components, and office applications.
* Perform hands-on fixes at the desktop level, including upgrading software, implementing file backups, and configuring systems and applications.
* Record, track, and document the tech requests problem-solving process, including all successful and unsuccessful decisions made, and actions are taken, through to the final resolution.
* Test fixes to ensure problem has been adequately resolved.
* Perform post-resolution follow-up to help requests.
- Develop help sheets and knowledge base articles for Motoon’s community.
- Provide training sessions for Motoon team and community.
Support Motoon’s management in reaching out to different tech communities.
- Perform other duties as requested.

Required skills and experience:

No one knows it all, but these are the kinds of things we’re looking for:
- 3 years of experience in a similar position.
- Bilingual in Arabic and English, spoken and written.
- Proficiency with general Linux administration.
- Good working experience of Bash scripting, iptables, LAMP/LEMP stacks, and Linux package management systems.
- Good understanding of networking, HTTP, DNS and servers hardware.
- Basic understanding of file systems, load balancing, and virtualization.
- Practical skills of technical documentation and research.
- Good understanding with server’s security hardening and overall security measurements.
Analytical problem-solving.
- Inquisitive mind and quick learner.
- Self-motivated with good time management and minimal needs for supervision.
- Excellent communication skills.
- Respectful and mindful to other cultures and personal choices.
- Team player.
Bonus points:
- Python scripting, or any other scripting language.
- Basic programming skills.

Expected Hours of Work

This is a full-time position, 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. Adjustments to schedule expected during Motoon’s events.

To Apply

Send a resume and a letter of intent to [email protected] with the title of the job. eg, “Front-end Web Developer position”. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted via email.